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Upcoming Events

Human Trafficking - Overlooked Forms

In this webinar, Pillars of Peace therapist Jessamy Rahman-Klapper, LMSW will share information on how to recognize common yet overlooked forms of human trafficking — and where to turn for help.

Pillars Of Peace

The Psychological Impact of Stalking

Stalking is a serious form of interpersonal violence that has only recently begun to be recognized appropriately by our legal system. This webinar will focus on how stalking impacts the mental health of survivors – even after the stalking has ended. Pillars of Peace Therapist Jessamy Rahman-Klapper, LMSW will share information and resources on how stalking survivors can find safety and begin to recover.

Pillars Of Peace

Cultural Conversations Workshop

In partnership with the NYC Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence and the Arab-American Family Support Center

A 6 Week Program For Young Adults On Overcoming Family Trauma

This group is designed to help young people who have been impacted by domestic violence or family violence in their childhood or adolescence, whether or not they have been primary victims of abuse.

Pillars Of Peace